Why can’t I use a towel bar as a grab bar?

Towel bars are simply not strong enough to carry the load or force of someone in need of real support. They may appear to be helpful during "normal" use when a little balance assistance is needed, but as soon as any real weight or force is applied a towel bar just can't support the demands put on it. Towel bars are usually mounted with small screws in plastic drywall anchors these are not intended to support the weight of a person. We recommend using an anchor specific for grab bars.

Can my home be modified without looking institutional?

Yes!  Manufacturers are getting better at creating products that look beautiful and function just as well as the institutional products. These products are offered on this website under shop. These lovely products coordinate with your décor and are hidden in plain sight.

Will the modifications give my home an institution or hospital look?

The designers of Aging Gracefully products have been very sensitive to these considerations. Most items to be installed in the home are designed to go with your motif. Many of the modifications that can be made, such as walk-in tubs and showers, and wider doorways, are now considered high end items that enhance both the function and value of the home.

Will aging in place modifications to my home affect my property values?

Yes, they will change the value, but in a positive way. The modifications that recommended adhere to the concepts of universal design which produce homes that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities and increase the value of your home.

Why would I want a hand shower?

Hand showers are a very functional item. They increase the accessibility of the shower. Many people have limited mobility and this allows them to shower more easily. It is also great for cleaning specific areas without getting everything wet, think feet. It is also great for cleaning the shower and other items in the shower stall.