Aging Graceful at home was developed to help navigate the information on the web with answers for keeping seniors safe and at home.

We are a great source for attractive products that are ADA compliant and will help to keep seniors or impaired persons at home and safe.

My Story

Aging graceful at home came into existence when I was looking for product for a client with mobility issues.

At this same time, I was helping my aging parents equip their home to make them more accessible. I am an interior designer and certified living in place professional. I have been working in the industry for over 20 years. I am also at the end of the baby boomer generation, have aging parents and a brother with Down Syndrome.

I wanted to make a website, I call it a hub, where you could find answers for the questions that you encounter trying to navigate the road to keeping your loved ones at home and safe. My website also provides the products you will need to keep them home safe and comfortable. I also made sure that the products are attractive so that these modifications add value to their home. My main goal to help you navigate the path to keeping your loved one home, safe and comfortable.

Services Provided

Aging Graceful helps people stay in their homes longer with:

Home Assessment

We can come to your home and assess your home for safety and accessibility and make suggestions to improve your home.

Product and product selection help

We can help you find the product you need and the appropriate size for grab bars and shower seats.

Information and resources

We provide information on aging and accessibility and safety in the home. We will also have resources to help you with installation in your area.

Discover a wealth of resources to keep your loved one in their home.

Read our articles for key insights about how to adapt your loved one's home to keep them safer and more independent for longer.

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