Room by Room Assessment

Keeping your loved one at home requires assessing each and every room of their home.


The entryway is a great place to start your home assessment. The doorways should be, at minimum, 36 inches wide. This will allow for wheelchairs or equipment they may use as mobility aids. The entryways should not have steps. You could install ramps to eliminate these. This will ease the challenge of entering and exiting the home. Remove any throw rugs. They are a tripping hazard. Make sure there is plenty of light in these areas both inside and outside. If the resident is still mobile, it may also help to install railings on both sides of the stairs and grab bars on the inside and outside of the door.


Most falls happen in the bathroom. Some of the easiest changes that can be made are:

  • Install a night light
  • Remove throw rugs
  • Install grip tape on the floor of the shower/tub.
  • Turn down the water heater so that they do not burn themselves.
  • Install grab bars *
  • Install a comfort height (taller) toilet *
  • Install a folding shower seat in the shower *

*Note: Installations should be done by a qualified professional


The kitchen can be a confusing place to navigate. Keep things clean and neat. Keep appliances they use often, ie. coffee maker and toaster in the same place that they are used to. Keep floors clear of cords and rugs. Many of the products that they use most often keep within their reach and in easy-open containers. Move items to shelves and drawer that are within reach. If they need a step stool, get a good quality one with large steps and railings. Keep pets out from underfoot. Note, also turn down the water heater so that they do not burn themselves.

Living room

The living room should have adequate room to move freely. Make sure walkways are free of clutter. Remove throw rugs. Make sure that power cords do not cross the walkways. Have adequate lighting in the living room. By their chair, they should have a phone, emergency contact list, and a light.


Keep floors clear of clutter and throw rugs. Add railing if there is adequate space- over 36 inches wide. Have plenty of light in these areas. Have a chair in the hallway if it is a long hallway, so they have a rest area.


Keep floors clear of clutter, clothing and throw rugs. The bed should be at a height that they can easily get in and out of. Next to their bed should be a table with a phone, light and the emergency contact list and a flashlight.

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