Home Safety Assessment - Living Room

From the Department of Rehabilitation Science - University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Portions of the full document are used here as a helpful tool to find issues in your home.

Living Room

The list identifies all the potential home hazards that may cause a fall.

  1. Presence of throw or scatter rug
  2. Presence of clutter
  3. Presence of electric cords across the floor
  4. Poor lighting
  5. Presence of unstable furniture
  6. Presence of an unstable chair
  7. Difficult-to-access light switches
  8. Not enough space to move around

Solutions to Problems in the Living Room

1. Presence of throw or scatter rug 

  • Remove a scatter rug or use a double sided rug tape or rug pad to secure the rug to the floor.

2. Presence of clutter

  • Eliminate clutter on floor surfaces by placing items on shelves or storage.
  • Consider donating or throwing out the items you no longer use.
  • Avoid carpets with confusing patterns.

3. Presence of electric cords across the floor

  • Run your cords behind furnishings. Use extension cords to accomplish this. 
  • Rearrange items that must be plugged in to areas near an outlet.  

4. Poor lighting

  • Increase wattage to allowable limits in lamps/lights. 
  • Add additional lamps or wall/overhead lights.

5. Presence of unstable furniture (chair, table, etc.)

  • Place a block under the shorter leg. 
  • If the chair or table is broken, have it repaired or replaced. 

6. Presence of unsafe chair (too low, too high, without arms)

    • If the chair is too low, add a furniture leg riser to raise the height. 
    • A chair that is too high or without arms should not be used, as it will not provide you with sufficient stability to get in and out of the chair.

    7. Presence of unsafe chair (too low, too high, without arms)

      • Add “clapper” light switch control to lamps. There are other remote control switching options for operating the lights.
      • Rearrange furnishings to allow quick access to wall switch or lamps.

      8. Not enough space to move around

        • Remove clutter or excess furniture that prevents you from moving around the room easily.
        • Some items may be rearranged, but you may want to donate or throw out other items you don’t really need or use.


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