Home Safety Assessment - Hallway & Foyer

From the Department of Rehabilitation Science - University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Portions of the full document are used here as a helpful tool to find issues in your home.

Hallway & Foyer

The list identifies all the potential home hazards that may cause a fall.

  1. Uneven or slippery flooring
  2. Cluttered area
  3. Dark or poor lighting
  4. Lack of access to ceiling light

Solutions to Problems in the Hallway & Foyer

1. Unsafe flooring (slippery, uneven carpeting, etc.) 

  • Make sure floor surfaces are dry.
  • If you have a carpet, make sure that the patterns are not too busy.
  • Have carpet stretched or removed to eliminate wrinkles or bumps. 
  • Add a carpet runner to slippery hallways or foyers and secure to the floor.  

2. Cluttered area

  • Eliminate clutter on floors by removing and/or organizing items.
  • Example: shoe tray, hooks for umbrella.
3. Dark or poor lighting 
  • Increase wattage to allowable limits in lights.
  • Add additional overhead or wall lighting.

4. Lack of access to ceiling light

  • Ask another person to change the light.
  • Add removable wall lights to poorly lit areas.


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