Home Safety Assessment - Back/Side Door

From the Department of Rehabilitation Science - University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Portions of the full document are used here as a helpful tool to find issues in your home.

Entrance to the Back/Side Door

The list identifies all the potential home hazards that may cause a fall.

  1. Lack of railings or unstable railing
  2. Unsafe steps (too step/cracked)
  3. Unmarked or raised threshold
  4. Lack of lighting at night
  5. Lack of a ramp for a wheelchair
  6. Uneven/cracked pavement
  7. Ice or snow on driveway/walkway
  8. Lack of an outdoor grab bar

Solutions to Problems in the Entrance to the Back/Side Door

1. Lack of railings or unstable railing

  • Add at least one railing, ideally one on each wall.
  • Have unstable railing stabilized.
2. Unsafe steps (too steep, cracked, chipped, etc.) 
  • Have damaged or broken steps repaired.
3. Unmarked or raised threshold 
  • Mark end of steps or thresholds with contrasting tape or paint color to increase awareness of changes in height.
4. Lack of lighting at night 
  • Add an outdoor light fixture if not present.
  • Add a sensor light that automatically turns on and off.
5. Lack of a ramp for a wheelchair 
  • Have a remodeler or home contractor construct a ramp that will allow wheelchair access in and out of the home.
6. Unsafe pavement (uneven or cracked) 
  • Have uneven or cracked pavement repaired.
  • Avoid these areas if possible when walking to and from the home.
  • Contact local government for repair if it is a sidewalk or driveway end. 
7. Ice or snow on driveway or walkway 
  • Use snow melter.
  • Have snow/ice removed by a neighbor or service.
8. Lack of an outdoor grab bar 
  • Add an outdoor grab bar next to the door.


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