Welcome to Aging Graceful at Home

Welcome to a great resource for you. Our goal is to have answers for your questions and the products you will need to keep your aging loved one safe at home. I am an interior designer with specialized training in designing spaces for seniors and individuals with disabilities. I have been in the unfamiliar space of not knowing what to do or how to help my aging loved one stay in their home safely. Time passes quickly and suddenly age has crept up on them and they need help. I have run into this many times in my own family and for clients I work with. Aging graceful at home is built on the principle of having one place to go for answers or ideas and also many of the products you will need to keep your loved one safe at home.

As my loved one aged, we were in the market for grab bars. There are many available, and I have curated a collection that is attractive and sturdy. All of the products here have the ADA, American’s with Disabilities Act, seal of approval. You will also find collections of bathroom fixtures that can be used to outfit the bathroom for your loved one.  This product line will grow as new products are introduced and found to answer a need for users.

I have my phone number listed, so feel free to call with questions, and I will do my best to help you figure things out.